Press the pause button


Press the pause button + step away from your busy life momentarily.

Come as you are to reset + recharge.

Mindfulness has been shown to improve attention + concentration, enhance positivity + creativity and much more

Awaken your mindfulness \ meditation habit with the support of a group and learn simple + practical techniques in a friendly learning environment.


This series is for anyone curious about discovering more about Mindfulness in a safe + friendly environment.

This series for anyone:

  • that is a first timer/beginner.

  • within a workplace, individuals or groups

  • that ‘sometimes’ practices yet wants the support + connection of a group

  • interested in learning more + deepening this practice.

  • finds Meditation \ Mindfulness a challenge on their own

  • is wanting to feel clear, balanced + energised.


Each session you will:

  • Learn + practice a mindfulness technique together in a supported, safe + friendly environment.

  • You’ll have time to reflect, discuss with others & share your experience. This can be done with those around you or in your journal ( journal provided.)

  • Q&A: this is a open forum to share and learn from each other.


Your Yoga Room 

12/10 Cylinders Drive, Torquay, 3228

DATE + TIME. 12:30pm-1pm

  • Week 1: Monday 25th July

  • Week 2: Monday 1st August

  • Week 3: Monday 8th August

  • Week 4: Monday 15th August


4 x 30mins session

$100 includes practice, Tea and journal.


I’ve wanted to try Yoga for many years but Pilates kept getting in the way.
So it was with much excitement that I attended my very 1st class as part of our company’s Future Leaders program.
How fortunate that our teacher was Jahnna!
My preconceived idea was Yoga is about mind, spirit and soul.
Jahnna taught us that it is also about breathing, understanding your body & movements and our relationship with the earth & our environment.
Under Jahnna’s tutelage my maiden session was most informative and memorable – feeling stretched and relaxed I slept really well that night…

Words from John Piccolo | CEO| Woodards


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