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Mentally healthy workplaces lead to increased motivation and productivity.

These 5 tenets of wellness, Thoughts, Movement, Breath, Nutrition + The Physical Body, when fused together are essential ingredients to enhancing your employee's health + wellbeing, increasing employee productivity + engagement, reduce stress and provide tools to manage stress. Improves attendance and decreases absenteeism.

Having lived and breathed the fast pace life of Media, Sales, working towards targets in a constantly evolving + highly competitive industry, supporting the wellbeing of my mind + body was pivotal to maintaining balance + success.


Let's work together and tailor a program that meets the needs of your business + team, in the office and working from home.  

Creating a program to regularly support your teams wellbeing, through yoga, meditation and mindfulness and the option to extend the program to nutrition + improving and supporting posture, encourages balance, let's your team know you value them, enhances productivity and your team's overall happiness. 

These programs are simple, accessible and available for your teams in the workplace and\or at home. No previous experience in Yoga + Meditation required.  

I’ve wanted to try Yoga for many years but Pilates kept getting in the way.
So it was with much excitement that I attended my very 1st class as part of our company’s Future Leaders program.
How fortunate that our teacher was Jahnna!
My preconceived idea was Yoga is about mind, spirit and soul.
Jahnna taught us that it is also about breathing, understanding your body & movements and our relationship with the earth & our environment.
Under Jahnna’s tutelage my maiden session was most informative and memorable – feeling stretched and relaxed I slept really well that night…

Words from John Piccolo | CEO| Woodards



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