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  • Jahnna McKeag

Slow and steady win's the race

Aagghh the silly fabulous festive season is upon us.

The time of year that comes around every single year, and every single year, there's an abundance of over committing, the terrifying dash to the finish line, which of course I've never crossed, a whopping wave of emotions for many varying reasons, and a conversation with ones self that next year will be different, yet it never is.

While my 'work' world is vastly different to what is once was, I vividly remember the intense (& FUN) lead up to Christmas. The passionate gallop to finish off the year strong + steady, squeezing every penny out of the market, at the same time setting up January, for a robust + confident start to the next year all while enjoying Christmas + end of year celebrations galore. In between all that fabulous fun, is family, friends and life beyond the workplace.

As we jump on board the festive train, bound for, long lunches, over indulging moments, commitment, after commitment after commitment, it's even more essential to give ourselves moments to rest + restore.

We are still 'unfit' for life after the past few years, life has speed up dramatically, the pandemic lingers, burnout is biting us hard, many of us have loss our work-life boundaries and mental exhaustion is real.

Finding time to relax and unwind can be difficult, yet a busy lifestyle with no downtime can have a negative impact on our health + wellbeing.

Here are a few ways to slow down + relax, ways that can be eased into your day, anytime, anywhere.

  1. Take a Break from Screens ~ unplug yourself

  2. Make yourself a cup of tea, step away from your desk or what you're doing and drink it slowly.

  3. Play or Listen to Music

  4. Read a book

  5. Breathe It Out ~ notice + feel your breath

  6. Engage in Meditation or Mindfulness.

  7. Rest Your Eyes ~ a nap is wonderful

  8. Immerse Yourself in Nature ~ take a walk outside

  9. Move Around ~ gentle movement

With love + gratitude,


'Be soulful. Be Kind. Be in love' ~ Rumi

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