‘She silently stepped out of the race that she never wanted to be in, found herself a new lane and proceeded to win’



I believe yoga, meditation and breath work are simple ways to help live a life of balance and happiness.

For 20+ years I worked in the Media Industry (publisher side) forging strong relationships with senior marketers + agency partners, managing, motivating + leading high performing teams to deliver exceptional results for both client + publisher. I have a deep understanding of client solutions, stakeholder management, content, partnerships & problem solving.

2017, on the North Island in New Zealand, I sat with my husband and young family around our teeny dining table in the RV we’d been travelling in eating dinner. A comfortable blissful stillness surrounding us, as if someone had just released the pressure valve. We were safe + content. I knew my time in my current job was done. I was in the wrong lane.
This is where I need to be, in all its simplicity… with my family.

A change of pace brought freedom and creativity.  I was standing in a wide open field.

I spent time doing things I loved + gradually began to think about what I LOVE, that I want to LEARN more about, so I can SHARE\TEACH.

This has become my personal mission statement: To Love, To Learn, To Teach

I am passionate about the physical and mental benefits of yoga + mindfulness. I lived and breathed the fast pace life of Media, Sales, working towards targets in a constantly evolving industry.

I enjoy supporting people's journey to a healthier mind and body through movement, breathing techniques, enabling them to show up every day with a clear mind + positive mindset so they can live a life of power, presence, and purpose.

My classes are light-hearted + approachable. 

Joyful movement and breath-work are the focus of my classes which are delivered with a touch of playfulness. I bring a generous spirit to you, inviting you to be as you are, move as you feel + connect with the beauty and power of your breath.

My goal is to share these empowering practices with students, allowing for self exploration, connection and self growth.  

My yoga training and qualifications include:

200hr Yoga Teacher Training,

80hr  Post Graduate Masterful Immersion

30hr Pre+Postnatal Yoga Teacher.