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‘She silently stepped out of the race that she never wanted to be in, found herself a new lane and proceeded to win’

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Making wellbeing + mindfulness relatable + accessible.

My programs are curated from years of experience in the corporate world. From my deep rooted experience of the environment, the pace + targets , stake holder management, these programs include relevant tools + techniques to suit all environments.  To help reduce stress, bring clarity + balance to your day

For 20+ years I worked in the Media Industry (publisher side) forging strong relationships with senior marketers + agency partners, managing, motivating + leading high performing teams to deliver exceptional results for both client + publisher. I have a deep understanding of client solutions, stakeholder management, content, partnerships & problem solving.

I lived and breathed the fast pace + competitive life of Media, Sales, working towards targets in a constantly evolving industry.

2017, on the North Island in New Zealand, I sat with my husband and young family around our teeny dining table in the RV we’d been travelling in eating dinner. A comfortable blissful stillness surrounding us, as if someone had just released the pressure valve. We were safe + content. I knew my time in my current job was done. I was in the wrong lane.  This is where I needed to be, in all its simplicity… with my family.

A change of pace brought freedom and creativity.  I was standing in a wide open field.

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I spent time doing things I loved + gradually began to think about what I LOVE, that I want to LEARN more about, so I can SHARE\TEACH.

This has become my personal mission statement: To Love, To Learn, To Teach

I am passionate about the physical and mental benefits of yoga, breathing exercises + mindfulness.

I enjoy supporting people's journey to a healthier mind and body through movement, breathing techniques + mindfulness enabling them to show up every day with a clear mind + positive mindset so they can live a life of power, presence, and purpose.

Today I share my love + knowledge of Yoga + Mindfulness. 

I own a Yoga Studio in Torquay, on the Surf Coast in Victoria sharing simple + accessible yoga + mindfulness with the community + local businesses. 

My goal is to share these empowering practices with individuals + workplaces, allowing for self exploration, connection and self growth.  

I partner with organisations to create bespoke wellbeing content and programs that support people's mental + physical health, to increase performance, job satisfaction, resilience + retention, while reducing burn out.

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Interested in learning more and working with Jahnna.
Feel free to get in touch.

0412 340 818

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